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Solar Energy Benefits

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Why get solar panels

The expenses in energy and electricity has become a problem of the past and now you have the option to save costs by opting to install a solar technology at your home or place of business
Both residential and commercial solar PV systems offer you greater incentives and save you in long term energy costs.
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Today, adding solar panels to your home is one of the greatest upgrades that you can add to your DFW, Texas, Home. Make your home a SMART home!

Solar Panel Installation FAQs

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When installing any kind of solar PV system you will have multiple components: solar panels, inverter, cables, energy meter, combiner box, protection devices and you also will have the option to add smart monitoring devices and a battery bank.

Solar power basically works by transforming the available solar radiation into DC electricity. This is done instantly at the atomic level inside the modules.

This electricity output goes through the PVwires, passing through the current and surge protection devices located in the combiner box, and reaches the power inverter which transforms DC into AC electricity (usually consumed at home).

The AC electricity transformed by the inverter is later used to supply power to the electrical loads of the house and if there is instantaneously more solar power than consumption, then the excess solar energy goes back to the grid.

There are mainly 3 types. The first and most common is the grid-tied system under which all the components except for the battery exist. Then, there is also the off-grid system type which consists typically of getting disconnected from the grid and using a solar panel system as the only source of power for your appliances. Finally, the grid-tied with battery backup option combines these two types into a single system that reduces your consumption from the grid, but that also allows you to save excess solar energy in a battery device for later use at night.
No. They will only reduce energy yields, but using the diffused irradiance, they will still be able to generate power for you.

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