Why Dallas, Texas is the Best Place to Go Solar

July 15, 2019

There is a notable difference between clean energy and green energy with the fact that all green energy sources are not clean energy.  Only wind and solar match the threshold. Solar is becoming increasingly popular in the current generation due to the surge in greenhouse gases with an obvious consequence felt all over the world. The spontaneous increase in the greenhouse gases spells a catastrophe to humankind if no mitigation measures are taken to avert the situation. In the light of these developments, Dallas is a no exception owing to the mild winter and hot summer experienced within that section of Texas. Why should you go solar in Dallas, Texas? Well, the following factors will summarize.

Favorable  Climate

Unlike other parts of Texas State that are freeze-prone during winter, Dallas experiences the mild effect of winter with more extensive warmer seasons. The climate experienced ranges between humid sub-tropical to hot summers. High temperatures are associated with fair skies compounded with low humidity and westerly winds. The warm weather is frequently broken characteristically into three to five days of thunderstorm activity. The fair skies and low humidity allow more harnessing of solar energy in Dallas than in the neighboring cities. On average, Dallas gets 5.2 hours of full sun per day.

Lower cost of Solar panels

One of the determinants of affordability of an item is the price quote.  Dallas, Texas is one of the cities with the cheapest cost of solar panels compared to other parts of the United States. The overage cost of solar as per July 2019 stands at $ 3.30 per watt, thus making the average cost of solar panel $19,780. After the Federal tax relief is effected, the residents will only have to pay $13,846 for a six-kilowatt (6kW) solar panel. Can this work for you? You don’t need to part with your property to foot up the cost. The cost per watt is relatively lower than $ 3.34, that is widely charged in many parts of the U.S.

High utility bills

The high cost of electricity is of significant consideration in Texas states and the United States. The cost sparks more need to getting an alternative source of cheap energy. Solar energy installation in Dallas, TX has presented the best way of reducing $80 to $110 cost in utility bills per month at the rate of more than 30% return on investment (ROI) per anum. The prices make solar panel installation an economically feasible venture in Dallas, Texas.

Presence of many solar panel installation companies

The key to a successful solar installation project lies in getting your panel from a reputable supplier who guarantees the best quality with a warranty. The presence of solar companies offering quality services such as Sunstra, Good Faith Energy offering free quotes. Others such as Solar View, SolarCity, Aspen mark Solar & Roofing provide the residents with a variety to choose from.  The solar companies in Dallas offer competitive rebates that may add up to 50% off the cost after the Federal tax credit is applied.

Bottom line

The presence of favorable weather, climate, low cost of solar panels, legal policies, and professional solar installation companies makes going solar in Dallas, Texas, a no-hassle move. It is also imperative to note that the prices of the solar panels and installation cost may vary from time to time, depending on the size and the locale of installation.

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