Solar Panel Installation Costs

Solar panel installation costs have reduced drastically in recent years.

Renewable energy

After the deployment of renewable energy incentives, solar panel and inverter manufacturers reached out more sales and production costs were able to get reduced.
Today, the cost of a PV system for the residential market varies deeply depending on the size of the PV array, the type of PV system, the components that you purchase, and the location as well.
For the residential sector of the State of Texas, the PV systems sizes vary generally between 4kW and 10kW. The average price per watt of the grid-tied system varies.
Keep in mind that when compared with other states across the US, the solar PV system costs in Texas are located among the lowest (comparable maybe to Florida and Washington).
These are estimated costs for the PV system. Your actual PV array project may require a slight increase or decrease in capital system costs mainly related to the components of the system and the required work to make the installation possible.

Ground mounting option

Many times solar arrays are installed on the roof, but if there is not enough space or the conditions of the roof are not stable as to withstand the weight of the panels, then there is always the ground-mounting option. However, it is slightly more expensive than the roof-type mounting.
There are premium brands in solar panels such as SunPower, LG, and Panasonic that can increase these values, but that can also increase revenues over long-term periods.
Also, keep in mind that energy storage devices add an important additional price to the capital costs. To pay for themselves, you must be sure that the energy storage device features a self-consumption mode to optimize your solar energy production and consumption. However, the main need for energy storage should be related to reliability against natural disaster situations.
Energy storage devices can also be added after the initial PV system has been installed. Therefore, you can always try getting related to grid-tied PV systems first, and later if you love the idea of getting your house loads backed up under a power outage event, then you can ask Sunstra for more information.

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