Residential solar installation

Today, adding solar panels to your home is one of the greatest upgrades that you can add to your house in Texas.

Tremendous solar source in texas

Texas has a tremendous solar resource available that is worth to exploit. Maybe one of the states with the highest solar energy potential across the US, only comparable to California, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. So, why not take advantage of that?
If you are located in Texas, then you have a golden opportunity to change your entire dependency on the power grid and start using an eco-friendly and profitable source of the energy.
Electricity rates across the US are highly variable and depend on multiple market mechanisms, oil prices and revenues from large scale utility companies. This instability will not be present in your home solar panel system as the value of your PV system will be fixed over time. You will know payback periods and savings from the installation day of your system.

Climate Change

As the US currently faces some of the problems related to climate change, the Fourth National Assessment Report delivered by the US Global Change Research Program assures that consequences of global warming will become more drastic as the temperature of the planet increases. The only solution to stop that from happening is to make a reduction of nearly 50% in electricity consumption from fossil fuels.
The best way that common American people has to contribute to this migration to a more sustainable US is by going solar.
Solar panel installation is a zero carbon energy production source that will give you savings on electricity every year. The solar panel system is usually guaranteed to last over 25 years and many PV module brands assure that their products will last up to 30 years with a remarkable performance
The installation process is very simple and can be finished in just a few days. You also have multiple solar financing options to help you offset the capital costs of the PV system and you will achieve an additional home value increase that is worth to consider.
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The Solar Panel Company

Sunstra is one of the best alternatives available in Dallas, Texas for solar energy. We will assess you in every detail that you need to know about solar power and help you set up the best financial and technical solution for you to start saving money in electricity thanks to solar power

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