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Commercial Solar Installation

Your business is your lifeline and so why not invest in it and save money on your energy bills every month

High Commercial Electricity Costs in Texas

One of the most demanding expenses for every business in the US is related to the costs of electricity.

From industrial machinery purposes to malls, schools, and business properties consume a lot of electricity every year. Actually, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA) data from 2017, the average monthly energy consumption in the commercial sector located in Texas is located around 7,500 kWh/month, meaning $625 spent on electricity per month. When evaluating the bigger scope, this summarizes around 90,000kWh consumed in a single year, representing almost $7,500 spent in electricity for an average commercial business in Texas.

Compare these values with your own consumption and you will realize how far or close your commercial business is to these values.

The Solar Energy Solution

These expenses in electricity can become a problem of the past by opting to install a commercial solar PV system.

A commercial solar PV system will offer you even greater profitability than a residential PV project as the costs related to solar energy per watt reduce as the installation gets bigger.

A large commercial solar panel system requires as much space as possible to provide the largest amount of energy contribution to your consumption.

Commercial PV systems can be mounted on the ground and/or on the roof of the building to take advantage of all available space and maximize your profits. Moreover, solar carports are also an alternative today to provide both shadings to the cars in your parking lot and power to your business

Add Energy Storage

As solar power becomes more popular, more energy storage solutions are available in the market to store the excess solar power that you generated across the day.

By opting to install a solar power plus storage system you will also be protected against blackouts or power outages. These emergency events generally caused by natural disasters or bad weather conditions could last for many hours or days depending on the situation.

Instead of choosing an old-fashioned diesel or gasoline power plant that needs fossil fuels to keep running, choose a combination of an independent power source as solar with a reliable energy storage system. This will allow you to keep operating and protecting your goods or products under a blackout situation by using an eco-friendly source of power.

Improve Your Brand Image

As renewable energy, environmental consciousness and actions against climate change spread across the US, more and more people are fascinated about the idea of installing solar power and supporting companies that do so. Engage with your customers and clients by supporting a renewable energy source like solar power.

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