5 Things Dallas Energy Companies Won’t Tell You About Solar

July 13, 2019

Solar has for long been considered as an expensive energy project with unreliable power output. However, research has shown that covering only 10% of the world’s total desert with solar panels would result in an enormous power output sufficient to supply the whole world’s energy requirement. Also, Solar is by far the cleanest and the most sustainable energy source with an impeccable result in solving the problem of greenhouse gases. Thus, choosing to go solar means handing a better tomorrow to the upcoming great generation and incredible efforts towards energy independence. Is that not plausible? Well, here are some of the things Dallas energy companies won’t tell you about solar.

Solar power can drastically reduce  or completely phase out your Dallas, Texas electricity bills

The primary reason for choosing to go solar is to offset the substantial monthly utility bills that frustrate most homeowners across the globe. Monthly utility bills form a considerable portion of businesses or non-profit organizations’ monthly expenses that can be preventable in the solar era. Due to the ever increasing energy demands for both industrial and domestic use in the past decade, investing in solar power systems has proven to fix electricity bill woes. Solar panels also protect you against the unpredictable increase in electricity costs.

Nevertheless, the investment in solar power is savvy and also appropriate for businesses owners as it will help them to deal with the problem of fluctuating cash flow. Also, it provides a better way to forecast and manage your expenses. According to a study, the electricity cost for homes has been increasing by 3% annually for the past three years. Thus, raising the need for an alternative to lower the bills. Moreover, solar power installation can significantly save you from the pain of electricity bills inflation that has been a common trend.

For instance, an average home in the U.S uses about $120 in utility bill per month, which translates to $1440 annually. Therefore, when you have a solar energy system that supplies for all your electricity need, you will save on the cost even as the cost of electricity bill per kilowatt upscales as it has been the trend. The plan can work for you pretty well for more than 20 years, and you shall have saved over $28,800 on your bills.

Solar brings Home Value Increase
Installation of solar power in your DFW home increases your property value

Solar panels make a high-end fashionable home with an implication of electricity independence. As the move to going solar gains a serious momentum, many people get insights on the importance of using sustainable and environmentally clean energy. The knowledge has shifted the attention of many homeowners to give preference to homes with the solar power system installed.

Numerous studies have shown that the market value for homes with solar panels installed increasingly escalates as compared to that of non-solar homes. Because the appraisers highly consider solar dwellings at the time of home value assessment and sale, the demand for a property equipped with solar power systems is inevitable. The need for such property grows spontaneously.

Also, the reasonable return on investment of over 20%  melts the heart of homeowners, thereby edging other alternative investments. Compared to other olden investment alternatives such as bonds and stocks, an investment in a solar power system is by far the best alternative. You can also get solar credit that covers your upfront bills if connected to the power grid.

Solar power is safe

When it comes to safety considerations, solar panels are like additional electrical appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners in regards to the danger that they may cause to your home. The power surges that were prevalent in homes linked to power grids are of the past as apartments are already equipped to prevent that occurrence. Besides, professional solar panels installation can offer a remedy to the risks.

According to a German study carried conducted in 2013 to establish the safety of solar panels, only 0.006% out of 1.3 million photovoltaic systems caused fires. Only one-fifth of the flames from photovoltaics systems resulted in a large amount of damage. Moreover, solar panels are primarily made of Silicone and have no risk of leaking harmful fumes.

On the other hand, the process of installing solar power systems has absolutely no impact on the environment compared to other green energy options such as hydro-electric power. Despite hydropower being neither a water nor an air pollutant, it facilitates the change in land use and ecosystems. Methane, which is an active greenhouse gas, may also form in the dams, a situation never to be with solar.

Solar power is a reliable and sustainable energy source

Even though the generation of solar power is limited to daylight, the use is unlimited as long as you have an accumulator of reasonable capacity to store the charge produced. However, this is not an issue to those connected to power grids, but they may not be an exception in case of a power outage. Fortunately, those with solar power systems fitted with high capacity charge accumulators will never know the meaning of power blackout for over 20 years as long as the sun rises and sets.

Because solar power systems have no moving parts, there is no issue of wear and tear. The system might cost you zero maintenance cost if the installation was correctly done. Therefore, it is sound never to compromise your safety for cheaper installation cost. Hiring cheap and quacky installers may turn the result to be catastrophic. Only simple cleaning of the panels one or two times per year is necessary to remove debris and maximize the efficiency of your panels.

Many people have got a notion that solar panels can only be functional in places experiencing bright sunlight, but the facts render the idea null and void. The panels do not need bright light but rather the Ultra-violate (UV) ray to function properly. The amount of energy harnessed mostly depends on the strength of the UV rays reaching your premises. The fact is backed by the existence of locales that crush the solar market with little sunny weather.

Solar energy installation in Dallas, Texas is affordable

According to a study by World Wildlife organization, up to 97% of Americans overestimated the cost of going solar. While solar was associated with the wealthy and environmentally conscious, the recent demand explosion in the solar market has led to its popularity and a drop in the price. Since the year 2008, the market prices for solar panels have seen a decline of more than 80%, thus making it more affordable. The cost of installation is made even cheaper with the existence of solar tax credits and rebates. Otherwise, you can also go solar using other plans such as solar lease, solar loan, and solar power purchase agreements in the U.S


Solar energy is such an invaluable way of conserving our environment since a typical home panel system will eliminate 3 to 4 tons of carbon emissions. The capability can only be matched by planting 100 trees. Even though your procrastination might have paid off in regards to the solar price drop, the installation costs have never been this low. If you wait for later, the prices may begin to shoot as a result of the solar companies hauling the manufacturing process to redeem high market prices. Some of the solar tax credits may also be unavailable.  Thus, make use of the current glut and snag your solar panels.

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